The company FLIR is currently the leading designer and producer of infrared cameras on the globe. As a massive tech company with a long past, any redesign of their logo I created needed to have the same sense of sturdiness and dependability as the original. However, the original logo also lacked any relation to their products, which was a connection I thought should be established in a rebrand. My new logo concept is reminiscent of the quality of light, and still retains the dependability of the original by way of its thick sans serif typeface.

Original logo on the left and the rebranded logo on the right

FLIR logo iteration

New FLIR brand guidelines

Extended Brand
For FLIRs extended brand I went for a sleek, sophisticated design with lots of white space. FLIR is currently a highly trusted and expensive brand, so I wanted to make their brand look high end to match that. This aesthetic is applied to all of the brand extensions below and creates a professional, trustworthy, and cohesive design.
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